Filling Capping Machine

Fully Automatic Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

Approx Price: Rs 6 Lakh / Unit(s) 

The Machine is100% with neck run and infeed is by air conveyor. There are only two change parts, one is capper star wheel and second is out feed star which take about 30minuts to change over.


  • Output/hr (1 litre size) 3600 pcs/hr.
  • Bottle size range 200 to 2000ml
  • Min. Bottle diameter (mm) 55
  • Max. bottle diameter (mm) 100
  • Min. bottle ht. (mm) 125
  • Max. bottle ht. (mm) 340
  • Infeed Air Conveyor (feet) 5
  • Outfeed Slat Conveyor (feet ) 20

There are no heights settling requirement when bottles are changed.


Our filling system has latest design introduced first time in the country and this system is introduced in Europe only four year before. The filling valve is such that the air from the bottle is returned to the atmosphere and not allowed to mix in the filling tank The advantage is product water remains free from bacteria, returning from the air contained in bottle.


The Complete Rinser /Filler/Capper is enclosed in acrylic and stainless steel guard cover enclosure with out any rubber gaskets. We have found by experience due to rubber gaskets used in the doors by other manufacturers, there is chance of Bacteria growth in crevises of rubber joints and resulting in improper sanitation which fails into swab test.


Special Features

  1. Mono Block Rotary Machine

  2. Neck Holding

  3. No Bottle No Rinsing No Filling and No Capping

  4. 14 Rinsing Head

  5. 14 Filling Head

6. Six Head Capping

  1. Non Contact Sensors for Bottle Counter

  2. Separate Cap Hopper Having Capacity 1000 Caps

  3. Material of Contractions contact parts SS316L rest SS304

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